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konsultan kekayaan intelektual

Your Business is Vulnerable to Intellectual Property Violations

Every day, business owners like yourself unknowingly lose their intellectual wealth, causing their businesses to be threatened and even collapse. How do you prevent and protect the future of your business?

Protecting Beautiful Minds

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konsultan kekayaan intelektual

In a rapidly changing world, businesses must be able to adapt and innovate to remain competitive. This is the era of information, where ideas and innovations hold exceptional value. However, with remarkable technological advancements, the risk of intellectual property infringement is increasing.

This is where we come in as Intellectual Property Consultants. We are here to accompany you, helping to protect the future of your business by ensuring that your intellectual property remains yours.

Kartini Djohan Consulting (KDC) has assisted many companies in protecting their Intellectual Property assets. With over 15 years of experience in handling trademark, patent, copyright, and industrial design registrations, both domestically and internationally.

We help you save costs and time in the registration process of your intellectual property.

Our Services


Enhance the protection of your trademark with our registration services. We will diligently and efficiently assist you in filing a trademark application, ensuring that your brand is recognized and strongly protected by the law.


Maximize the potential of your innovations with our patent management services. We will handle the patent registration process with precision and efficiency, ensuring that your valuable discoveries are recognized and receive robust legal protection.


Optimize the protection of your creative works through our copyright management services. We will meticulously and efficiently handle the copyright registration process, ensuring that your work is officially recognized and protected by the law.

Industrial Design

Maximize the value of your industrial designs through our industrial design management services. We will meticulously and efficiently handle the registration process for your industrial designs, ensuring official recognition and strong legal protection for your creations.

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Hi, I'm Josephine Natawiria, Founder Kartini Djohan Consulting

As an attorney, people came to me and asked for more than just Intellectual Property registration. They want to sell their products and services without worry. They want their innovations to be understood and future developments to be covered. At the end of the day, they want security in a business.

Intellectual Property Rights were rarely heard in Indonesia when I started working in the law firm. Thus explaining the complexity of IP protection has always been a fun challenge. Many business owners eventually failed to protect their intangible assets and wished they had a better strategy.

That’s what I had in mind when we started this. Hear your stories, help to build better strategies, Protecting Beautiful Minds.

About Us

Kartini Djohan Consulting (KDC) has assisted numerous companies in safeguarding their Intellectual Property assets. As a result, we’re very familiar with the common mistakes that frequently occur during the registration process.

KDC helps you save both time and money in the registration process of Intellectual Property.

We provide a one-stop service, meaning we don’t just handle Intellectual Property matters; we can also assist you in legal entity registration, financial management, taxation, audits, and human resource management.

This comprehensive service ensures that you can concentrate on your core business operations while being confident that your legal and administrative affairs are in order.

Our Team

Josephine Natawiria


Antonius Djohan Natawiria

Co Founder


Trademark & Industrial Design

Ratna Putri Nandani

Retainer Legal Support


Accounting, Tax & Finance

Why Choose KDC ?

Mempermudah dalam proses pendaftaran Merek, Desain Industri, Hak Cipta, Paten

Menghindari kesalahan-kesalahan yang umum terjadi dalam proses pendaftaran
Merek, Desain Industri, Hak Cipta, Paten

Gratis konsultasi dan laporan berkala selama proses pendaftaran.

Dibimbing langsung oleh Konsultan KI terdaftar dan Master of Intellectual Property
Law dari Universitas Indonesia

Konsultan berpengalaman lebih dari 15 tahun, baik di dalam maupun luar negeri

Konsultan merupakan Certified Patent Drafter dari WIPO (World Intellectual Property
Organization) di Geneva

What They Say

Our company's needs are handled professionally by the KDC consultant team. Satisfied and highly recommended.
Suhendra Sujana
PT Surya Citra Makmur
We using KDC services for years, we have been assisted by the KDC team that is professional, fast, accurate, and educational.
Hanifatul Maula
PT Sinar Harapan Plastik
Satisfied with the service provided, the KDC team's performance is fast and meets our expectations as a client
Eddy Bachtiar
PT Tiga Reksa Perdana Indonesia

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Konsultan Kekayaan Intelektual

Konsultan Kekayaan intelektual merupakan mitra berharga bagi setiap perusahaan atau individu yang ingin menjaga inovasi dan kreativitas mereka dari penyalahgunaan atau penggunaan tanpa izin. Dalam

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